The festival hopes to exhibit some rare pictures of Mylapore and Mylaporeans.

This is being done to make people respect heritage and history.

This exhibition will be held near the Rasi store quadrangle.

As senior residents of Mylapore, you may have old photos with you. They can be photos of the wedding ceremonies of your grandparents, or a studio-shot family portrait taken in 1950s, or photos of the silver jubilee celebrations of a local club or association - anything that will interest the community.

If they are interesting, our colleague can visit you to record some background info on the picture/s and the people / event it displays.
We will arrange for the old photos to be copied by our photographer at your place.

These prints will be made and exhibited at the festival from Jan 5 to 8,2006.

We plan to feature 50 pictures at this exhibition.
if you can share some nice pictures, call Vasantha at 2499 3767.