On Jan 7 and 8. 3.30pm onwards. For about 1 hr.

Open to 150 women and 50 children, both days.

First, you need to register with Vasantha at 520 76 921 / 2499 4599
( only 20 more spaces are left as on Dec.28)

Expect a letter from us, which is your Regn. Card and this has to be held close all thro' till prizes are given away.

The contest is held on North Mada Street, along the temple tank.

You will be given kolam powder and have to design your kolam in a limited space marked on the main road ) adults get 6ft by 6ft space, kids get 4ft by 4ft).

You should not use books / guide/ helpers. You should design only pulli-based kolams (Rangolis are not allowed at all).

Fifteen prizes will be given to adults and five for kids on the main stage near Rasi Quadrangle about 45mins. after contest is over.
You have to produce the letter we give you if you are a winner.

Men can also design kolams!