CRAFTS, FOOD, ART and more!

CRAFTS STREET: On Sundareswarar Street, 12 stalls showcase the little crafts which are made by members of women's Self-Helf Groups (SHGs) promoted by the Tamil Nadu Womens Development Corpn. Low on price, high on creativity.

FOOD STREET: On the same street, one of the city's best known caterer, 'Subham' Ganesan is offering a dzoen food counters of the best of Tamil food. But four others will offer Kerala specials. This is indeed the hottest sport of the fest where even people like Carnatic singer T M Krishna likes to eat. This year, Coffee Board is also hosting a stall selling piping hot filter coffee and selling the best coffee powder!

TAMIL BOOKS SALE: Twelve stalls on the edge of the great temple tank will sell the best books of the well known thammizh writers, past and present. Kizhakku Pathipagam of Mylapore has co-ordinated this sale, like last year. Come, browse and buy the titles you may have missed!

SARIS ON SALE: New to the fest, the Handlooms Dept. of Tamil Nadu is setting up sales of the best designs of Kalakshetra and of the region, Saris from Rs.350 to Rs.1,000. Shopping made easy, alongside the temple wall, off Ponnambala Vadyar Street.

ART STREET: The Fine Arts students of Stella Maris College are back again, but bigger in number. They will make small artistic goods, decorate the street, sell earthenware and demonstrate tie-and-dye methods on fabric. Other independent artists will offer to make portraits of people for a small fee. Last year, this street closed down after 11pm! Such was the interest!

'NAMMA MYLAPORE': This NGO which works in the area will host a painting contest for kids on the banks of the temple tank ( which is full of water). At 4pm on Jan.8 (off South Mada St.). There will be short talks on temple tanks and rituals and on rainwater harvesting.

NARIKURAVAS' DISPLAY: This tribal community will also be there. Selling beaded rings, chains and bangles made by them. See them inside the Lady Sivaswami Girls School campus. On all evenings.

KOLU CRAFTS DISPLAY - eight talented people display the crafts they did for Navaratri, at the hall inside Lady Sivaswami school.