Mylapore is special.

It is older than the city of Madras, now Chennai. And it boasts of heritage, art, tradition, religious harmony and more.

So it deserves a festival of its own.

That is why the Sundaram Finance sponsored Mylapore Festival is organised every year in the month of margazhi, on the eve of the harvest fest of Pongal.

What began as a simple kolam contest for the local community organised by the local newspaper, Mylapore Times, has now grown into the Sundaram Finance Mylapore Festival.

Four days. Ten venues, 30 events, 250 artistes. And thousands of people soak in it.

Welcome to what is Chennai's most unique festival held in the spaces all around the famed Sri Kapaleeswarar Temple.

Fest 2006 took place between Jan 5 and 8, 2006,
Here are the pictures.

Mylapore Festival 2006 Reports
:: Day One, at the festival

:: More young people soak in